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Two Ways to Lose Weight and Tighten Saggy Skin

They’re always upsetting to see…

Photos and videos of people who’ve lost a lot of weight…

But have patches of saggy skin left behind after the fat has gone.

This often happens on crash diets when people lose weight far faster than their skin is able to retighten.

So the first step is to avoid crash dieting altogether.

Losing weight gradually through healthy eating and lifestyle changes is far healthier, safer and more sustainable.

The second step is to do a couple of things that help burn fat while keeping your skin tight and firm (and one thing you should AVOID when losing weight fast).

Let’s dive in…

Skin stretches to match the shape of your body.

But when you lose a lot of fat, your skin might not snap back to match your slimmer, leaner shape.

So what can you do about it?

Fill that empty space with muscle!

But what’s the best way to build lean, tight muscle?

We all know cardio is great for fat loss. But if that’s all you do, you end up losing lean muscle mass too.

So, I suggest mixing in some strength training alongside your cardio.

This will help you lose fat as well.

But you’ll build muscle that fills out your skin and boosts your metabolism… Allowing you to burn fat even when you’re sitting on the couch!

Lemons are practically sugar-free and contain a fiber called pectin. This fiber can help curb hunger and aid in fat loss by reducing calorie intake.

On top of that, lemons are chock full of Vitamin C.

Which as you may know, is a potent antioxidant proven to reduce inflammation in the skin and protect against sun damage… while clearing up red splotches and leaving you with soft, glowing skin.

Plus, lemon water is way less boring than regular water. Which means you hydrate more!

I hope you’re with me on this…

But alcohol is pure poison to your body.

Your liver processes alcohol different to the rest of the stuff you ingest.

This means your liver has to stop processing foods in order to focus on metabolizing alcohol and getting it out of the body ASAP.

That greasy burger you ate with a tall, frosty beer?

That’s more likely to be stored as fat while your liver is busy purging the booze. Not the best for fat loss.

Now, onto the long list of skin-harming qualities of too much alcohol…

  • Alcohol is a vasodilator (increases the size of blood vessels and therefore blood flow), which means certain skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis can become agitated.

  • Alcohol is a diuretic, which can dry out your skin, damage elasticity, and give your skin a lackluster appearance.

  • Alcohol can dilate the pores of the skin causing angry zits and gross blackheads to appear.

  • Alcohol messes up your sleep, which disrupts normal cellular turnover and leads to an unhealthy, dull complexion.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I’m also not oblivious to the fact that alcohol plays a HUGE role in social settings and so won’t always be avoidable.

So if you’re planning a night out, always alternate your glass of wine with a cool glass of water to keep your skin hydrated and help flush out the toxins.

Take these skin-friendly tips to heart and you’ll enjoy healthy fat loss that leaves you slim and sexy without the saggy, dull-looking skin.

And if you’d like lots of exercises that help you burn fat while providing lean, toned muscle…

Check out my Body Sculpting Series, with 50 videos and 12 weeks of workouts to choose from.

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