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The 10-Minute Booty Blaster

One of the most common misconceptions I hear from the Radiant Me community is the that reshaping your body requires hours in the gym.

After all, if most of the Instagram influencers are bragging about spending 60 to 90 minutes working out every day, that must be what it takes…


Wrong! You can get a killer workout in a very short amount of time.

Here’s the deal…

When you work out correctly, you’re sending signals to your body, telling it to repair, rebuild, and grow stronger.

But the real changes happen outside of the gym, while you’re at home, resting and recharging from your workout.

So sure, you could spend 60 minutes lifting weights, and another half an hour doing cardio… But if you could get the same effects in only ten minutes, why wouldn’t you save all that extra time?

As a busy mom and business owner, Marina’s workouts are only 10-20 minutes per day. I myself have benefited from them.

I’m living proof that 10 minutes is more than enough!

So to get you started, I want to share my favorite 10-minute booty blaster workout by Marina.

This quick-but-effective workout will ignite your glutes and get you started on the path to a toned, tight, booty!

Here’s how the workout goes:

You’re going to do each exercise for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and repeat the entire circuit twice:

Exercise #1: Curtsy Lunges

Exercise #2: Bird Dog Kicks

Exercise #3: Squat with Side Step

Exercise #4 Pulse Squat with Lunge

Give this a try, and let me know what you think!

If you’re not sure how to do any of these exercises, check out Marina’s video walkthrough here.



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