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Beat Your Sugar Addiction In 5 Steps

I’ll be the first to admit—beating sugar addiction is tough.

As I’m sure you know, sugar can make you feel great in the short-term.

Between the delicious sweetness, indulgent satisfaction, and the rush of energy you feel soon afterwards… No wonder sugar is hard to kick!

But as I’m sure you also know, in the long-run , sugar causes problems…

Weight gain… Acne… Skin problems… Energy slumps… Gnawing cravings.

Now if you feel trapped by sugar, the first thing I want you to know is that there’s nothing to be ashamed of—and you’re not alone.

And today, I’m sharing 5 sugar addiction-busting tips you can use to break sugar’s hold over you, and regain control over what you eat.

Let's dive in...

First, identify what you're eating or drinking for your sugar fix.

Juice or soda? Sugar-infused coffees? Post-dinner cookies? Candy?

Once you know which sugary treats you reach for, you can use your awareness to shift towards healthier choices.

(More on how to make this shift coming up in Tip #5.)

Second, you need to know where you get your favorite sugary treat.

When you’re grocery shopping? From the office vending machine? At your local patisserie or coffee shop? That “secret” cupboard way up high?

Adding this level of awareness will help you be more cautious when you’re in the places where you’re most prone to getting a sugar fix.

Lastly, when do you crave sugar?

What triggers your cravings?

For many women, stress, boredom, and the convenience of having treats in the pantry are common culprits.

Once you know when your cravings are triggered, you gain the ability to press ‘pause’. And you can ask yourself if you really want or need those treats.

Now that you know your patterns, to break them...

No matter how aware you are of your sugar addiction, there’ll be times of stress or boredom where you’ll reach for those cookies, cakes, or candies.

(And when that happens, don’t be harsh on yourself. Reflect on why you want a cookie right now, enjoy your treat, and move on.)

To avoid temptation, my advice is to get the sugar out of your house.

Having no sugar in your house will help you break sugar’s hold over. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

As I mentioned before, sugar cravings often arise at night…

You’ve had your meal, you're done for the day, are relaxing on the couch, and suddenly a cookie sounds like the thing you need to pamper yourself.

So why brush your teeth?

Well… Let me ask you something: When do you brush your teeth?

At the end of the day, before you go to bed, right?

Brushing your teeth signals your brain: "Okay, I'm done for today."

By brushing your teeth after dinner, you can trick your brain into getting ready for sleep, not snacks.

Have you ever noticed that when you don't sleep well, your sugar cravings are RAGING the next day?

This happens because poor sleep sends your blood sugar-levels haywire.

Your body needs glucose for energy… And if you're low on energy due to a lack of sleep, your body will encourage you to get energy from sugar2.

This is where exercise comes into play.

Being physically active during the day can help you relax and reduce stress—both of which will help you sleep like a baby.

I'll be the first to say that life without sweets is miserable.

So if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to stay off sugar, the many sugar-free alternatives out there could help keep you happy.

For example, frozen yogurt bites topped with berries, delicious protein pancakes, or peach smoothie bowls will take care of your sweet cravings—without any of sugar’s harmful effects.

To make things easier for you…

Marina put together over 60 delicious, simple, filling recipes—which can help you beat your sugar addiction while still treating yourself.

If you use the recipes inside Radiant Clean, you won’t be spiking your blood-sugar levels, so you won’t experience the dreaded “post-meal crash”...

And you won’t find yourself overcome with cravings.

Radiant Clean will show you when and how to “indulge”...

And how to modify your favorite unhealthy treats, so you can enjoy them, guilt-free!

If you want to overcome your sugar addiction for good, Radiant Clean is packed with healthy, tasty recipes your whole family will love.

Click here to check out Radiant Clean

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