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5 Reasons Why Short Workouts Are More Effective Than Long Cardio Sessions

Walk into any gym, and you’re sure to see plenty of women doing cardio.

Headphones in, water in hand, towel at the ready… And they’ll easily spend an hour or more on their favorite piece of cardio equipment, day after day.

Talk about boring! I don’t think many enjoy long, mindless cardio sessions. Luckily, you don’t need them to get in shape.

In fact, shorter workouts are more effective, often delivering significantly better results in less time(1)!

When used correctly, quick and efficient workouts offer far more health boosts, compared to long, boring workouts. Let’s look at a few:

When you do traditional cardio, you’ll burn calories while you exercise, but once you stop, your body quickly cools off, and calorie burn slows to a halt.

That’s one way of doing things, but less than optimal.

Instead, try a short and sweet, high-intensity workout!

You’ll have more fun, and your metabolism will be elevated for the rest of the day, long after you’re done with your workout(2). While you’re relaxing at home, your metabolism will still be elevated. This is the best way to burn fat while you live your life, instead of spending all your free time at the gym.

If you’re spending an entire hour or more doing cardio every day, you’re sacrificing quite a lot of free time.

By shortening your workouts to 20-30 minutes, you’ll free up hours each week to spend more time cooking, relaxing, or enjoying time with your family… The options are endless!

The biggest problem with relying exclusively on traditional cardio? You need (access to) expensive equipment!

Sure, you could go for a long walk, but if the weather changes, you may be stuck inside. That’s why Marina and I suggest finding great home workouts you can do, even if you don’t have an elliptical sitting around the house.

Not to mention, bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, so get out there and explore! Working out in a public park, on a hike, or near the beach can feel very refreshing, and you get to soak up some Vitamin D.

Cardio can improve your heart health, which is fantastic, but that’s where the benefits stop. And if you’re able to sustain your pace for long periods of time, you may not be challenging yourself at all.

If you switch to bodyweight circuits and strength workouts, you’ll be able to improve your cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and build muscle, all at the same time! That’s a much better option for nearly everyone.

Not to mention, strength training helps build lean muscle, which tones your body, strengthens your joints, and increases your metabolism.

You’ll look better, feel better, and turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Cardio can be too easy for advanced exercises, or too difficult for beginners.

But with bodyweight training, you can challenge consistently, regardless of your fitness level. For this reason, strength workouts are the most adaptable form of exercise out there.

No more looking for the next best workout, or repeating the same beginner classes for months on end, which can quickly bore you.

Marina knows the power of short, high-intensity workouts, which is why she created The Body Sculpting Series.

Each week, you’ll enjoy three workouts, all of which are 30 minutes or less!

That’s only 90 minutes of exercise per week, with better results than if you were to spend 60+ minutes per day doing cardio.

And with all that free time, you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you love, rather than walking in place in a crowded, expensive gym.

Better results in less time? Yes please!

→ Click here to try The Body Sculpting Series

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