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3 Damaging Health Myths To Ignore If You’re 50+

Before we bust some myths, consider these two healthy living truths:

  1. We all want to enjoy great health with minimal stress and effort

  2. Most health advice on the internet is questionable at best

Which is why Marina and I have come together to write this article for you, exposing three of the biggest health myths on the internet…

And in their place, we’ll guide you towards safe and effective ways of nurturing your health with as little stress and effort as possible.

Exercise is a must if you want to stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight.

But repetitive, knee-pounding cardiovascular activities like jogging and sprinting, or dynamic movements like burpees and box jumps can hurt you.

These activities aren’t bad in of themselves, but as you age, I’m sure you know your joints aren’t as strong or resilient as they used to be! And these repetitive, high-impact movements can take a toll on your knees and hips, leaving your joints screaming in pain.

So if you're doing any of the activities mentioned above and experiencing joint pain, take a break for a few weeks and see how your joints feel.

While you’re taking that break, one of the best types of exercise you can do instead is mobility training. Mobility training helps your joints stay flexible, stable, and strong—without creaking and squeaking, aches or pains.

When using your joints in such a controlled way, they produce what’s known as synovial fluid—which lubricates your joints and can even promote the healing of old injuries.

Contrary to popular belief, your metabolism is (generally) stable until you reach age 60 or so, before beginning to slow down. But even then, the slowdown isn’t because your metabolism is getting ready to retire.

Rather, your metabolism slows because most people are less physically active in their later years. A lack of physical activity leads to a loss of muscle mass. The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be.

So if you want to keep your metabolism roaring as you age, stay active!

Eating well is one piece of the puzzle in staying vital, strong and healthy.

Yes, making healthy food choices will improve your health… But food alone can’t replace the damage done to your body if you’re drinking too much alcohol, living a sedentary life, or are under constant, mismanaged stress.

Your body is a complex mechanism and if you wish to enjoy the years to come, you need to take care of yourself—which you can do easily:

→ Since getting all the nutrients your body needs from food is near-impossible, you can use supplements to fill in any nutritional holes.

→ Ensuring you’re absorbing all the nutrients available in your meals is crucial. Taking a walk after eating supports your body’s digestive process.

→ Instead of a fourth cup of coffee, try herbal tea such as peppermint—which is known for having a stress-relieving effect.

As I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, the internet can be full of bogus information about leading a healthy lifestyle that isn’t wholly true.

And taking great care of yourself can be much simpler than many claim.

So ignore the myths we’ve addressed today, try the simple actions we’ve suggested instead, and prepare to flourish in your 50s, 60s, and beyond :)

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